For the admission purpose, guardian needs to contact at the office on working days with the required documents. Documents required are :-

  • Two pass port size photos
  • Birth certificate copy
  • Last school transfer certificate
  • Once all the documents and completely filled form is submitted test date and time are provided.
  • Admission is based on the test performance of the individual.
General Rules and Information

School bell timing

Pre-Primary : 9:00 AM to 12:50 PM

I to X : 8:10 AM to 2:10 PM

Dress Code

Day : Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday

For boys : Yellow shirt and oxford blue trouser

For girls : Yellow shirt and oxford blue skirt

Day : Wednesday / Saturday

For boys : White house wise T shirt and white trouser

For girls : White house wise T shirt and white skirt


Conveyance facility is available from all parts of the city.

Conveyance facility is optional, parents may enrol for it.

School is not responsible for any liability regarding conveyance


School fee is to be paid quarterly by 10th of the quarter month, failing to which a fine of Rs. 5/- per day is attachted.

  • For any indiscipline created by a student he/she will be warned with a notice. Repeating indiscipline after twice warning may become a reason for suspension.
  • If at the time of admission all the documents are not available with the parents than provisional admission is given. Parents must submit the pending documents with 14 days to conform the admission. Failing to submit the documents in time may become the reason for admission cancelation.
  • Refund of fee is done in case of transfer of parents/guardian. Appropriate documents are to be shown. Fee of the present quarter is to be deposited.
  • Conveyance facility is provided. School is not responsible for any loss/ damage during transportation.
  • Students must bring their diary daily to the school. Parents must sign the diary on daily basis.
  • School dress code with I card is compulsory in school premises.
  • Late entry to the school is not allowed.
  • Attendance of 75% is compulsory to appear in final exams.
  • We follow grading system for marks up to class VIII
  • School reserves the right of admission.